Virginia Police Canine Association

The Virginia Police Canine Association encourages and supports the professional development of working dogs and their handlers within duly constituted law enforcement agencies in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The Virginia Police Canine Association is a law enforcement group training and certifying police dogs for Patrol use, Tracking, Narcotic Detection, Explosive Detection, Article Recovery, Game and Fish, and Search and Rescue since 2000.


All K-9 teams undergo annual certification according to our established certification guidelines, proving their proficiency in the areas in which the K-9 team will function with their agency.

Legal Updates

We strive to ensure that our members are proficient in the courtroom. We offer case law studies and moot court scenarios to keep K-9 handlers, supervisors, and local judicial officials apprised of changes in case law and strategies when prosecuting K-9 cases.

Annual Membership

Access to trainers located all over the state

Certification at no additional cost to you or your agency

Discounted tracking, decoy, and tactical courses

Case law studies and legal updates

Networking with other handlers around Virginia

Train with VPCA

The sole reason for the continuing success and growth of VPCA rests in the indisputable fact that we consistently provide the best training, by the best instructors, resulting in the best K-9 teams on the streets of Virginia.



Decoy Seminar – Limited number of spots available

May 15 – 19


There are no upcoming events.

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Our Members

The VPCA is proudly comprised of K-9 teams from the following agencies:

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